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I dream to sharpen my writings for social visibility and “likes"
Galia, 27- Blogger

Looking for public visibility through social media to reach your audience with interesting well-cooked content ?

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Gulnaz, 32- Analyst

Tired of 9am to 5pm corporate job, seeking a flexible lifestyle, good alternative income and popularity?
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Dmitry, 35 - Entrepreneur

No matter how good your product is, without effective publicity, you will just be "winking in the dark."
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Quick results from 80% practice
You will come out of the courses feeling like professional writer who gets paid for your words. Its your shortest way of incredible progress in writing and publicity development
Online program with life access to publicity toolbox
We use interactive learning with TONES of useful content and tools. No fluff, only road-tested information, tried and trusted content. We have 93% engagement rate on all our courses.
International community of experts and students
Master editors, superb journalists, professional writers, successful influencers and publicists who will work with you to make you the best you can be in media world.

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On-line courses with relevant content
Our courses are all online and we make them as relevant and focused to your needs as possible. We only offer you proven methods that truly work. That's why we have a high engagement rate of 93% and you will enjoy value all the way.
Time-efficient schedule
We take care about your time.
Our goal is to put you on the expert path of publicity in the shortest possible time for you to achieve your objectives as quickly as possible.

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We like to make you happy.
We constantly preparing freebies to keep you on the right track to success!
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Leading Experts and Mentors in Media & Journalism
Our professionals are made up of top –performing writers, editors, journalists and thought leaders who have tons of experience in writing and publicity. Working closely with them will further improve your skills
Community of like-minded people
Our trainings are aimed at building a community of like-minded, goal-oriented individuals who help each other grow and develop to their very best just like a family.

Endless Support
We build reciprocal learning system where you can share your victories and stay in touch with other participants. You will have access to a closed group where you will get constant mentorship and support from the experts and our assistance team.

School in numbers
Free Publicity School program is the best way to develop your writing skills even if you're just starting out!
3 046
Graduated students
1 796
Written Articles
1 296
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Experts and speakers
| I'm Kate
Free Publicity School Founder,
Professional writer, TedX speaker,
Columnist in Forbes, Psychologies, Shape
and 57 other media outlets,
Author of the bestseller "Start-up for free"
with 1,2k copies sold this year.
Working on my next book ordered by the famous publishing house.

Your Publicity Scout, your inspirational Muse,
experienced Wordsmith,
imperative Knock on your brain and your caring Buddie who will carry you up to the hills of Publicity!

Our students
are featured in top media outlets, printed and web editions, blogs and TV programs >>
they said it wasn't possible
>> To achieve my dream of being a professional and successful writer and publicist within such a short period of time, but guess what? I became a contributor for many magazines, such as Forbes, HuffPost, The Independent, TechBuzz just in 4 weeks!
Juan Bardinini
>> Success is more assured when you are being trained by the best people. You guys are the best and I'm glad about the impact you have made in my life.<<
Natalia Averina
Business Owner
>> I can’t wait to show the world the stuff I have been remade of through these superb courses and trainings! <<
Marie Karaban
>> Writing as a publicist have always been an area of interest for me but I never really considered it until a friend suggested your training school. The experience has been incredibly wonderful! <<
Yana Rulev
Emerging Writer
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Write & Publish 3 articles in 10 days
You can't afford to miss a wonderful opportunity like this! This is a flagship program where you enjoy the rare chance to work with international writers from media brands like THE INDEPENDENT. Guess what? This opportunity is open to only 30 super-lucky individuals who will get to join this program. Are you going to be one of the lucky few to enjoy 10 days of incredible progress in writing and publicity development? This is your chance and we can't wait to see you there!
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9th Program Starting day: TO BE CONFIRMED
Master How You Can Boost Yourself to Fame and Stardom using Words.

You will learn how to create original, value-packed and highly engaging content that connects with your readers in a subliminal, sub-conscious level turning them into your raving fans. Your writing skills are going to be honed to perfection in this program and you will be able to stand toe to toe with other experts in the writing and publicity industry. Do you believe you have what it takes to get started? We believe you do and we will show you how to go forth and conquer with your words!

2nd Program Starting day: TO BE CONFIRMED
Neuro-copywriting. Master the art of copywriting in Marketing and Sales
Have you heard of copywriting? Copywriting is an elite field of writing on its own and only a select few can truly excel at it. In this course, you will learn all the secrets needed to become a champ at writing awesome and persuasive copies either for yourself or for your clients. We are talking about copies that practically move your audience to take action as fast as possible. Marketing and sales rely heavily on well-crafted copies to work and this where you can come in once we have trained you to learn and master the art of copywriting.
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